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Hydroseeded Lawn

What Is Hydroseeding?

In a nutshell, hydroseeding is a faster, more efficient, and more effective way of re-invigorating your lawn or planting a new lawn by spraying it with a specialized mix of grass seed and other ingredients. 

The concept is the same – you’re tackling those bare and dying patches with new growth – but the end result is typically much better for a number of reasons.

Instead of scattering seed, you blast the yard with a slurry that’s made up of grass seed and water, as well as many other ingredients such as:

  • Lime

  • Fertilizer

  • Mulch

  • Tackifiers (a kind of botanical glue)

  • Moisture retention polymers

  • Biostimulants



Hydroseeding Lawn Advantages

  • A new lawn can be established in as little as 3 weeks – see images below. This is great if you’ve just moved in or are selling a home!

  • Hydroseeding is the best way to plant grass on a hillside or other difficult areas since the tackifiers and mulch help keep the seed where you want it.

  • It doesn’t take very long – most of the work is in preparing the slurry, after which you’ll be done in no time.

  • Mulch bonds the seed and soil together, meaning wind and rain are less likely to kick up your grass seed and cause those irritating bare patches that can form even after you’ve seeded the lawn.

  • Since the mulch helps your lawn to retain water, it speeds up the grass seed germination process. Also, germination rates are generally better for seed applied through hydroseeding.

  • Birds love nothing more than to feast on your freshly-sown seed, but the slurry helps keep them away and again helps save you from bare patches.  

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