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Environmental Operations

Site Development can contribute to accelerated soil erosion and sedimentation that negatively impacts the local environment. Terrasol provides planning and inspection services and we can liaise between regulatory agencies and developers enabling projects to proceed in a timely manner while protecting environmental values.

Terrasol has implemented numerous diverse soil conservation and site revegetation projects through Western Canada. Our specialized equipment and experienced personnel allow us to work in various environments, combining soil conservation and stream protection practices, to develop a program to suit particular site conditions.

Terrasol Environmental Operations supplies and installs systems for soil erosion and sediment control, mine reclamation, stream restoration and fish habitat enhancement. Some servies offered include:

  • broadcast seeding

  • hydroseed

  • heli-hydroseed

  • biotechnical slope protection

  • erosion control revegetation mats (ECRM)

  • sediment retention devices

  • SedimentLok®


In this work Terrasol is constantly seeking innovative and cost-effective solutions. The techniques and products we use are state-of-the-art.

Erosion control systems, surface treatment options, and stream rehabilitation measures are very site specific. The choice or combination of techniques and products should be determined by experienced practitioners. With over 30 years of experience, Terrasol is well-prepared to evaluate a site and determine optimum rehabilitation methods.

Contact us at 604-607-0666 to discuss your project.

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