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Heli Hydroseed
A modification of conventional hydroseeding for use on inaccessible sites requiring aerial application of the slurry using a helicopter and specialized application equipment.
Heli Hydroseeding
Landslide Rehabilitation
Heli Hydroseeding
Heli-hydroseeding, which was pioneered by Terrasol in 1979/80, has been widely used throughout both coastal and interior British Columbia for landslide rehabilitation. Efficient mobile ground equipment and crew in combination with helicopter versatility allows for effective erosion control cover establishment on steep barren slopes at reasonable cost. An effective heli-hydroseeding project requires:
  • appropriate seed, fertilizer, tackifier and mulch specifications,
  • reliable slurry mixing and application equipment
  • logistical consideration, supervision and crew experience
Forest Fire Rehabilitation
The successful establishment of a vegetative cover using heli-hydroseeding can only be accomplished through carefully planned and executed operation.

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