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The use of vegetation, occasionally in conjuction with engineering structures, to increase slope stability against shallow mass wasting (i.e. soil flow or rotational slumps) or streambank erosion.
Biotechnical Slope Protection
Stream Restoration / Relocation
Some of the more commonly used systems include:
  • Brush Layering
  • Contour Vegetation Cells
  • Willow Wattles
  • Live Pole Drain
  • Live Smiles
  • Wattle Fence
Biotechnical slope stabilization techniques have been widely used in fish habitat restoration, steep slope stabilization and landslide rehabilitation projects.
Stream Channel Protection

The establishment of an extensive, reinforcing root network plays an important role in enhancing slope stability. The use of deep rooting, pioneering shrubs in stabilization projects has been effectively used in British Columbia since the early 1980's. Although willow and cottonwood are the more commonly used woody species, a wide variety of trees and shrubs have been used as either bare-root or container stock. Successful projects depend on:

  • proper design of the planting system,
  • selection and propagation of appropriate plant material,
  • correct timing of installation.

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